Raymond Murphy has been on the land for 23 years and knows that Causeway Produce works for his cattle. On Karala Station, Daley Waters, Northern Territory, Mr Murphy is required to feed dry lick all year round. Mr Murphy said he relies on Causeway Produce for its professional opinions but also likes the fact that Causeway listens to his own ideas. Using Causeway's assistance since 1993, Mr Murphy finds the staff and service more than satisfactory. "I have wandered off from Causeway Produce in the past but have always come back. They are dependable and have very good staff and service." Mr Murphy said. Mr Murphy said he knows that Causeway Produce is a vital to maintaining his cattle and his business, and he will continue to use their service with satisfaction.




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postal address P O Box 2562
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Evan and Kim Acton on Millungera have kept an eye on exactly how well their cattle are doing in response to the product from Causeway Produce. Mr Acton said that during 23 years that he has known Causeway Produce owner, Peter McHugh, he has found that by using his custom made products of Breeder and Weaner Lick, his calving percentage of females has increased from about 65% to 75% calving. The Actons have been able to turn off a larger number of old cull for age cows due to the constant use of Causeway Produce products, which have reduced fatalities in their herd. The Actons said they have found the Causeway Produce staff are helpful and have a 'willingness-to-please' attitude. 

The Carter family of Wyangarie Station, Richmond, have been doing business with the McHugh family, owners of Causeway Produce, Townsville, for more than 75 years. The association has been based on mutual trust, respect and friendship. The majority of today's business between the two families is the provision of custom cattle licks to the Carter's cattle operation in Richmond. The present manager of W H Carter and Co, David Carter, said that Causeway's attention to detail and personal service marks the company as an outstanding operation. Causeway provides professional advice on the formulation of custom licks to suit the class of cattle being fed and the type of country they are run on.