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email pmchugh@causeway
phone (07) 4729 0666
fax (07) 4729 0777
postal address P O Box 2562
Qld 4811




In addition to the mixing of ration ingredients, the quality and integrity of those ingredients can have a major bearing on the performance of loose lick supplements. Causeway Produce maintains the highest possible quality standards in its entire range
of ration ingredients.

Our supplements  are produced under a Code of Practice using the best quality raw materials, which are in turn handled appropriately during storage, batching, mixing and delivery.

One of the most obvious challenges faced in the North Queensland environment is storage. Unless they are handled and stored properly, some ingredients can spoil, toxins can develop in protein meals if handled wrong, and lumps can develop in urea which can potentially cause poisoning if mishandled.

Heavy metals can be encountered in cheap forms of some raw material used in loose mixes. For that reason, Causeway uses only top-grade KYNOFOS sourced out of South Africa, regarded as the best and safest phosphorus in the world. Cadmium and other heavy metals are well below maximum acceptable levels.

SALT is another ingredient which can have a surprisingly large impact on lick quality. We source all our salt from Cheetham's in Bajool. It is washed and kiln dried, and guaranteed to carry no more than 1% moisture, so the customer can be confident of minimal exposure to moisture. Some sources of salt can carry up to 5% water, and the less moisture in lick ingredients the better, because this lowers the risk of any chemical reaction occuring.

Other raw materials like urea, gran-am and lime are sourced in bulk bags rather than bought in a cheaper coarse, bulk form, so as to maintain consistency of quality in the mixed supplement, and to avoid cross contamination.

Inventory management and rotation is important to ensure optimum quality from ingredients.