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email pmchugh@causeway
phone (07) 4729 0666
fax (07) 4729 0777
postal address P O Box 2562
Qld 4811


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Causeway Produce Agency's design is an Australian first in this industry where all individual raw materials have their separate computerised weigh bins. There are a total of 7 weigh bins for the major raw materiasl plus a "hand add raw materials" bay where all premixes and other materials are weighed separately before proceeding to the mixers storage hopper. All orders are provided with a batch report which shows exact percentage of yields achieved on all individual material. This, along with our purpose built 3 stage, half tonne mixing plant has provided us with the ability to provide at all times proven exact mixing.

Major features is our 3 stage 1/2 tonne design (1/2 tonne hopper, 1/2 tonne mixer & 1/2 tonne bagging plant) which allows for cleaner minimal variation batches. The 1/2 tonne mixer has been designed solely to blend consistently, it is a horizontal Ribbon design capable of minimum 98% accuracy in 3 minutes. Small batches allow for no segregation and near perfect blending. We believe our approach to Custom Blending is ideal for your cattle requirements.

We have computer programs to assist you in designing a balanced lick requirement and assistance from the Queensland Department of Primary Industry Nutritionist, and two Nutritional companies in Brisbane. Please feel free to contact us with your requirements or questions you may have