Please enjoy our online picture tour of our Custom Ordering and quality assurance processes (see centre column). Our information page has further details.

WHY NOT SEE FOR YOURSELF - If in Townsville, or passing through, you are most welcome, and cordially invited, to pay us a visit and we will be happy to arrange your own personal tour of our factory.


* We do not store bulk product on floor or outdoors

* We do not use end loaders to move/measure product weights

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postal address P O Box 221
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1. A detailed analysis of your specific mix is provided with every delivery. (Click example on right to download larger, printable pdf file)

Analysis sheet

click here for printable of above document

2. Your custom cattle feed requirements are discussed with our expert Nutritionist and order finalised. A stage report is issued and information fed into the computer for exact and controlled measurements and mixing in an hygienic environment (Click example on right to download larger, printable pdf file)

Stage Report

3.Details are fed into the specially engineered designed computer software - example pictured right. The software controls the ingredient hoppers ensuring exact measurements, weights and mixing.


4.Ingredients are hygienically stored off the ground and adjacent to their respective hoppers for easy access

Storage of ingredients

5.The ingredient hoppers

Factory hoppers

6.Loading the hoppers and inspetion of raw material for quality control





Bagging produce

7.Bagging the custom mix. Quality and quantity are checked both on computer and utilising the measurement and testing tools built into the centre of the mix batch plant linking bins, conveyer belts, and bagging plant and equipment


8.Orders ready for delivery. All are stacked and wrapped on pallets and stored off the floor. Each package contains delivery instructions and full details of the mix make-up contained in the custom mix.

Order ready to ship
We hope you enjoyed your tour! Any questions please dont hesitate to ask!